Julie Sherry PT, CYI

Julie Sherry is a New York State licensed physical therapist specializing in custom tailored exercise programs that rebalance the body, as well as manual physical therapy skills that ease the body and integrate all systems to achieve optimal function. Julie’s professional skills and friendly bedside manner help create a warm atmosphere, which greatly motivates productive therapy, and her vast experience in the Orthopedic, Geriatric and Pediatric fields make her an expert healer and compassionate therapist, earning her accolades for her extraordinary success in healing, particularly post-operative patients.

Julie participates in Continuing Education programs and attends physical therapy conferences and seminars, keeping up-to-date with all the latest therapy techniques. The myofascial release and cranialsacral therapy course work are of particular interest to Julie and she uses various degrees of touch to lengthen tight muscles or increase joint mobility and stability as appropriate. Julie has a talent for honing in on important factors in a person’s posture which may need subtle correction. Julie has shown in her 21 years of practice that she can integrate both mind and body techniques with customized therapeutic exercises for each individual patient. Julie is a certified Yoga instructor and strength trainer using those skills to obtain optimal results for patients, superseding their own therapy expectations.

The Total Motion Release work that Julie employs rebalances the patient’s body using the asymmetrical differences between the two sides of the body as a starting point. The weaker side is infused and balanced by particular exercises done on the more functional side. A total body system treatment is utilized as the patient is empowered within their own healing process guided by Julie’s expert Total Motion Release skillset. The body’s physiology shifts and reacts positively to the nuanced attention that it needs for self correction and relief. Julie’s work shifts the narrative of the patient to a mind/body cooperative alliance, eliminating pain by balancing opposing muscles and reintegrating all sides and sections of the body.

Julie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Stern College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology in 1996. Julie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Hunter College in 1999.

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